About Us

Moving Can Be a Nightmare

We hear ya. Been there, done that. And it wasn’t fun. That’s why Moovdit was born. Moovdit makes moving easier. We have created a simple, efficient, worry free moving process where we do the heavy lifting to match customers with the best movers. Movers focus on moving, and customers focus on their new home.

Our Inspiration

Our first big move (pre Moovdit) was right after college. Like good business majors, we created a spreadsheet to compare reviews and prices from over a dozen companies, and hours on the phone questioning owners. This process seemed bulletproof, but then the moving company held our valuables hostage until we wired hundreds of dollars more. We were in a helpless situation and, worst of all, there were essentially no repercussions for the scam artists, who also managed to damage half of our furniture!

Moovdit to the Rescue

After a year of research and interviews, we found that only a small segment of the market could be trusted with moving one’s valuables. The key is making these few companies stand out from the rest and allowing customers to easily reach them. Moovdit puts potential moving partners through a demanding application process, but doesn’t stop there. Each moving company must continue to meet our high standards as well as yours. We constantly collect consumer feedback so each move is better than the last.

Don’t waste time researching or stressing. Moovdit, move in just a few clicks.

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Phone: (619) 894-6675

Email: info@moovdit.com

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